Encompass Cooking with Nicole

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Once a month I look forward to cooking with Encompass [Seeing the Whole Person] We gather in the kitchen to work on cooking skills as we prepare a healthy, delicious, kosher dinner and foster friendships.  “Cooking with Nicole” incorporates the primary components of Encompass: balancing life skills training with the opportunity for socialization, recreation and to further increase the adult participants’ overall quality of life.  Each month proves to be a new culinary adventure!



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Comments (2)

  1. posted by Geri Taran on April 26, 2015


    This looks like a great pastime. Both service-wise and fun in the kithcen.
    Love from your Cousin,

  2. posted by Debbie Harris on June 9, 2015

    It was such a pleasure meeting you today & seeing you in “action”.
    You are such a natural & a pleasure to watch. You make it so much fun & easy to make a delicious dinner.
    Next time, I’ll stay longer! Thank you for your dedication & your expertise. Encompass is SO fortunate to have you teaching them how to cook!


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