How to recreate your Passover leftovers

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If you are like me, then you overcook (meaning cook for an army instead of a family) for holidays.

So you made the Gefilte Fish Terrine for the Passover Seders and the leftovers are tasting rather dry by this point in the holiday.

Moisten it up with some Buttermilk Ranch Dressing.  You can serve it on a bed of greens and eat it as a light meal.


 Are you up to your elbows in Brisket?  If you cooked it long enough, then it’s like a pulled beef…either way chop up finely and make homemade kreplach dumplings with store bought won ton wrappers.  

You can find coconut or rice paper wrappers if you want to keep it kosher for Pesach.

You can freeze these or make an Asian Soup by also using your leftover Chicken Soup.


Remember to keep thinking out of the ice box and enjoy the leftovers recreated!

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