Breakfast for Dinner

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This is literally a 10 minute dinner that is hot, healthy and everyone loves to eat it!  Put whatever you have in the icebox in your omelet.  Personally I love cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella & basil.  I eat My Favorite Omelet with a piece of toast, bagel or english muffin,... more

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Satisfy The Snackers Waiting For Dinner

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I always put a plate of raw vegetables on the table to tide over the little snackers who are asking, “When is dinner going to be ready?”  Try this simply delicious Buttermilk Ranch Dressing as a dip. more

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Quick Salad

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Quick Salad

I whipped up a quick salad with shaved beats, sliced cucumbers, pears & avocado topped with crumbled queso fresco, dried cranberries & pumpkin seeds. I finished this with a Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar from The Olive Tap. more

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Make It Special For Yourself

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After an awesome yoga class, I came home and treated myself to a civilized meal. Instead of just heating up leftovers on a paper plate, make it special for yourself. Use your nice china and add a little mixed greens on the side. You deserve it! more

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My Little Chef

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This is my protege busy in the kitchen. more

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PK Sous Chefs

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Polar Vortex

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Polar Vortex

As we are freezing from the Polar Vortex, going to the store was not an option, so I created a salad with what we had in the kitchen. This was quick and delish…arugula, pears (again tonight), avocado, pomegranate seeds & sesame crusted cashews from Trader Joe’s. I dressed it with... more

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LFCDS Annual Auction

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Here’s a sneak peek at PK’s items that you will find at the LFCDS Annual Auction: A Cooking Party for 6 Children OR A French Culinary Lesson & Dinner Party for 8 Adults. See the merchandising displays above & below: more

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Here’s what was served tonight at PK…what did you have for dinner?

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As the PK garden is flourishing, we are eating mostly vegetarian dishes that are #garden2plate.  I get such pleasure walking out to the backyard to literally pick our dinner.  Since Mother Nature does not always stock the precise ingredients that recipes call for, I need to be a flexible chef and “think... more

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Stars In The Kitchen

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It was a fun day of cooking for 2nd & 4th grade students with both Chef Julie from Kids Cook To Care and Chef Nicole of Putzel Kitchen. These junior chefs mixed up an Eggless Caesar Salad, rolled out Homemade Egg Pasta and got saucy with Marinara. If you are interested in cooking up... more

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