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New Year’s Resolutions

By: | 2 Comments | On: January 13, 2015 | Category : Blog, What's for Dinner


The winter holidays seem like a distant memory and we are back to the grindstone as if the festivities never even happened.  Don’t get stuck in the doldrums of winter’s grey skies and frigid temperatures.  SNAP OUT OF IT!!!…and remember those resolutions. I have resolved to continue to bring you... more

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Gourmet Tuna Steaks in Minutes

By: | 0 Comments | On: January 8, 2015 | Category : Blog, What's for Dinner


Labor Day has passed and school is back in session…in other words the party is over and we’re all getting back to business.  With busier days I always like to rely on my meals that are both quick and delicious.  Grilled Tuna Steaks fit that bill perfectly.  I served this... more

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Grilled Turkey Breast

By: | 0 Comments | On: November 18, 2014 | Category : Blog, What's for Dinner


After brining the turkey overnight, I used the same approach as Garlic & Rosemary Grilled Chicken recipe for grilling the turkey breast.  The BIG difference is that the cook time is MUCH longer.  I grilled the turkey breast for about 1 1/2 hours over medium-high heat (300-350 degrees F). Once the internal temperature... more

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Let’s Talk Turkey Brining

By: | 1 Comment | On: November 16, 2014 | Category : Blog, What's for Dinner


Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, so it’s time to start thinking about your turkey dinner. I will be posting several times over the next week with various recipes for you to gobble up with your friends and family. First thing’s first…you need to brine your turkey. I like... more

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GF Week Night Meal in the Oven

By: | 0 Comments | On: November 1, 2014 | Category : Blog, What's for Dinner


This gluten-free meal is simple, and you can bake it all in the oven at once in about an hour.  Grilled Rainbow Trout (in the oven this time), Baked Acorn Squash with Brown Sugar and Crispy Parmesan Kale.  On a cool fall night, this is truly a comfort meal that is... more

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Gluten-Free Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

By: | 0 Comments | On: October 23, 2014 | Category : Blog, What's for Dinner


For all the gluten-free folks out there, this is a slam dunk dinner.  Serve it this weekend and wow your guests! Simple, delicious and GF!  I prepared an Almond Crusted Chicken Breasts, Roasted Cauliflower Salad, and boiled corn on the cob.  As always, I served this with a vegetable crudite plate. more

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Gourmet Fish Dinner in Half an Hour

By: | 0 Comments | On: October 5, 2014 | Category : Blog, What's for Dinner


This Parmesan Crusted Walleye could be found at your favorite five star fish house.  PK served it with Roasted Scallions and a Strawberry Spinach Salad.  The perfect finish to this simple, light meal is a Berry Clafoutis.  Click on the link below to see the quick and easy cooking demo: more

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Fall Comfort Food

By: | 0 Comments | On: September 22, 2014 | Category : Blog, What's for Dinner


For any eggplant lover, this stuffed eggplant is a delicious dinner for a hectic weeknight schedule.  I prepare this ahead of time and simply warm it in the oven before serving.  Click on the video below for a quick cooking demonstration on how to prepare (or degorge the water of) an... more

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Cooking for the High Holidays

By: | 4 Comments | On: September 17, 2014 | Category : Blog, What's for Dinner


The holidays are about family to me. At this time of year I reflect on many traditions that have been passed down from generations within my family. I also think about and greatly miss my dad who taught me how to celebrate these holidays and life.   I hope you... more

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Farmers’ Market Dishes

By: | 0 Comments | On: July 30, 2014 | Category : Blog, Classes, What's for Dinner


Today my friend Jill and I toasted to good friends and the plentiful fresh produce that summer has to offer. After shopping at my local Farmers’ Market, we prepared a succulent, aromatic Garlic & Rosemary Grilled Chicken with Scallions,a juicy Tomato, Pickled Melon & Burrata Salad, and a flavor packed Arugula &... more

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